The current war in Ukraine affects all of us, regardless of nationality and origin. But most of all, the war directly affects the people who are forced to flee their country and rebuild their lives. As individuals and as companies, we can support with donations, but also by offering a perspective. Through “Rebuilding Lifes” we try to make our contribution. 

Rebuilding Lifes – Jobs with specially adapted relocation packages

birkle IT AG is aware that qualified professionals in the IT industry are in short supply everywhere and will continue its normal recruitment processes, taking into account the principles of diversity and international recruitment in its German branches and in the Baltic States.

However, in the current situation, we are also focusing on relocation packages for Ukrainian refugees, especially to Tallinn, Estonia and Vilnius, Lithuania. As a result, we have adapted our relocation packages for refugees to provide additional support, such as more intensive assistance in finding a kindergarten and school place as well as an appropriate apartment, and covering the rent for a period of three months.

Supporting employees through mental health well-being and insurance packages

In order to take away the insecurity, anxiety and confusion off our employees, birkle IT created a mental-health well-being support through the MinuDoc platform in Estonia. In Germany, we encourage our staff to take part in the initiative of Likeminded care, where psychological care is being offered for free.

In our Baltic offices, all existing and future employees are asked to benefit from an extended private health insurance package. Our insurance packages include outpatient and mental health treatment, dental treatment, vaccinations, preventive health checkups and much more.

We stand together – we support each other

“From our discussions with refugees, we have come to the conclusion, that one of the best ways to help in this situation is through offering jobs. It helps to provide perspective and a sense of security in a new environment. As of today, birkle IT has joined the UA Talents platform and JobAidUkraine which aims to bring together job seekers from Ukraine and employers from Europe. We have also added vacancies on the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund website Töötukassa. Both platforms offer jobs in different fields. It is our social responsibility to help in any way we can, and we are pleased to see that companies from various sectors work towards helping people to rebuild their lives”, Marco Spielmann, CEO of birkle IT Estonia and Head of Baltics, states.