Public Sector

Digitalization continues to be a challenge for the public sector. Although the political will for digital transformation is clear, public authorities and administrations still face major challenges in implementation. As a holistic service provider, birkle IT AG can support the public sector in the implementation of digitization projects from start to finish.

Digitalization of Public Sector

True administrative modernization is much more than generating and sending a PDF form. 


  • Process optimization
  • Data analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud infrastructure


  • Data exchange
  • Central interfaces
  • Information flow


  • Information portals
  • Digital invoicing
  • Digital tenders


  • AI charts
  • Digital services
  • E-voting, web-based planning, etc.

For each of these areas, we develop state-of-the-art IT and AI solutions specialized for the public sector. Our goal is to make Germany’s public sector a global leader in digitization.

Due to our location in Estonia, we benefit from the achievements of one of the world’s pioneers in the field of e-government.

At the same time, the highest security and quality criteria that characterize our services for upper federal authorities are our constant aspiration. For example, we already think about the GDPR in the development phase, so that all our solutions meet not only strategic but also legal requirements.

Towards a modern administration with birkle IT AG

With birkle IT AG as a partner for your administration, you can benefit from our many years of expertise and industry-specific know-how. Our service includes consulting, software development as well as target-oriented implementation and quality assurance of your project.

birkle IT AG is happy to take over the entire project to avoid fragmentation of responsibilities and reduce project complexity. We advise you on strategy planning, deliver custom-fit software solutions, also based on AI, and implement them for you with the involvement of all stakeholders – all from a single source. By combining software development and project management, we offer a fast and seamless process.

What we offer

IT project from A to Z

Consulting, Software development and implementation.

Technical analysis of administrative processes

Creation of functional architectures.

Digitalization capability of a service

Identify areas and processes with digitalization potential.

IT consulting for staff shortages

Personnel can be flexibly provided when encountering staff shortages in the IT area.

App development

Development of customized app solutions.

Web development

Development and design of custom and secure web applications, web services or websites.

Data Analytics

Generation, evaluation and exchange of data as a basis for decision-making.

Natural Language Processing

Incorporation of text recognition, e.g. for automatic invoice verification.

Evaluation and replacement of legacy systems

Identification of business and technical debts of existing systems for a transparent replacement.

Cloud infrastructure

Implementation of a cloud infrastructure


Ensuring the highest security standards for all IT processes.

Legally compliant

Assurance that all solutions comply with legal requirements.

Digital showcase

If you have further questions or are interested in best practices in digital administration, please contact us.

You are also welcome to make an unbinding appointment to receive a showcase of successful digital administration projects from our experts from Germany or the digital pioneer country Estonia.

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