As a medium-sized company, handling the rising demand for digitalization while extending your business can be quite challenging. Choosing the right ERP system is never easy, especially when you do not know the market position of your business in the years to come.

A quick gaze into the market will show many ERP systems that come with an astronomic price and the flexibility of a mountain. Nevertheless, both aspects are essential for the growth of your business. Missing an adequate solution, smaller companies often decide to maintain a big pile of excel sheets, emails, and printouts to keep track of their processes.

What if there actually was an ERP System that is flexible and comes with a fair price?

If you ask yourself that exact question, we might have just the answer for you: Odoo. Odoo is an OpenSource, app-based ERP system providing features like purchase and sales management out of the box. Stock management, manufacturing planning, time tracking, customer relationship management, you name it. The list of free apps grows day by day. Odoo is as flexible as an excel and as easy to understand as a printout on a pin wall. It can provide most of the required processes out of the box while keeping the cost low.

Not sure if Odoo can be implemented for your company?

Odoo is a software that is living from flexibility and is therefore for everyone. Diversity is exactly where Odoo shows itself the best. birkle IT has implemented many custom modules and apps for its customers. Ranging from simple field additions to internal products to full custom apps modeling unique workflows and connecting them to existing apps – Odoo will profit from existing functionality and will keep the overall costs at a minimum.

What about the user experience?

While keeping its flexibility, Odoo always puts the user first. All interfaces follow a basic structure and are easy to understand. From a simple list view over pivot tables to pie charts – it is all there.

You and your colleagues can create your own filters and dashboards for your everyday needs in Odoo to work with maximum efficiency. Forget about scattered notes in email and communicate directly with the in-place messaging system.