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We consult our customers from the healthcare industry. In the age of digitalization with the accompanying possibilities and demands of patients and employees, all healthcare institutions are facing big challenges. Doctors and caregivers need to be optimally supported in their activities. During the process of digitalization and optimization, framework conditions need to be considered and creative solutions need to be developed. This is where we come into play.  

Our service portfolio

  • · Digitalizing processes in medicine and management
  • · Replacement of old systems and migration
  • · Development of new software
  • · Optimization of legacy systems and software
  • · IT – consulting
  • · Digitalization of data-document management
  • · state-of-the-art web technologies/-portals/-services
  • · Data warehousing and business intelligence
  • · Data cleansing/-integration/-migration
  • · Implementation of administration software
  • · Digitalization and automation of manual processes
  • · Executive workshops and company training courses
  • · Usage of AI in the routine and in innovation management

Exempts from our customer projects / References

For a hospital chain e.g. we developed a clinic compass. This is a modern tool for gathering and evaluating information on patient satisfaction. The effort to date of managing the paper-based surveys is omitted, the possibilities of evaluation improve, the flexibility increases. In our full-service solution, you will get fully configured tablets delivered to your clinic and be able to stay on top of everything at your clinic and view your patient satisfaction.

“I look into your system almost daily and find it very interesting. A truly great application that you have built there.”

Leon Strauch

Marketing leader of the ATOS - clinic group

“Birkle IT AG as a specialist in digitalization has convinced us through innovation, agility, economic efficiency as well as through uncomplicated cooperation from the beginning. The first developments with the digital patient survey with dashboard are already productive after a short time and fully replace the paper version. The innovative robotics project is additionally one of our exciting innovations in the course of our demand for quality medicine around the optimally supplied patient in the ATOS-group.”

Martin von Hummel

CEO of the ATOS - clinic group

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