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birkle IT is committed to promoting education and talent development and therefore offers scholarships for talented students at top universities. This partnership with academic institutions not only provides direct access to a pool of talent, but also enables a deeper understanding of the future direction of the IT industry.

In Lithuania, our Baltic innovation hub, birkle IT Lithuania launched a scholarship program several years ago, demonstrating the company’s commitment to supporting IT students each academic year. birkle IT Lithuania aims to ease the financial worries of young students by acting as a socially responsible company, ensuring access to the best IT talent.

Ugnius Spaičys, a 21-year-old software systems student at the Lithuanian Kaunas University of Technology, is the recipient of the birkle IT scholarship from October 2023 to July 2024. Ugnius’ journey into IT began with a thorough consideration between physics and IT, ultimately choosing the dynamic nature of IT over physics. He is excited about the possibilities of AI in software systems and emphasizes the importance of using AI for learning.
Ugnius is very grateful for the scholarship and it motivates him to further develop his technical skills, broaden his horizons and strive to become a professional in the IT field.

Scholorship to Ugnius Spaičys, Kaunas University

After the lectures, Ugnius can be found in the fighting ring:

“I’ve been practising Greco-Roman wrestling for fifteen years. In my opinion, it develops discipline, fighting spirit and the will to improve. It’s the discipline that helps me organize my day, focus and overcome difficulties, both in sports and academics,” says Ugnius.

KTU – a modern university with a rich history

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) offers a competitive range of study programs and modern teaching methods. The university is dedicated to research and experimental development oriented to the needs of society, with a focus on the transfer of technology and innovation to business and society.

KTU’s infrastructure includes 9 faculties, 8 institutes, 9 research centers and various other facilities that support student life and activities. It has also established integrated centers for research, study and business as well as centers for innovation and entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence.

Overall, KTU is a vibrant and forward-looking institution committed to excellence in education, research and social engagement.

KTU has a rich history dating back to its foundation in 1922 as the University of Lithuania. Since then, it has developed into a leading institution with a focus on sustainable partnerships between academia, business and industry.

KTU’s vision is to be an interdisciplinary, internationally competitive university that focuses on the development and transfer of new knowledge and innovation. This vision is pursued through three value chains: Studies, Research and Innovation and Organizational Development.

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