The significance of the 2024 European elections

Between June 6 and 9, 2024, millions of Europeans will have the opportunity to shape the future of European democracy by participating in the European elections.

In these elections, EU countries will elect their representatives as Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Members of the European Parliament deal with important political, economic and social issues and stand up for the values of the European Union: Respect for human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.

At birkle IT, we follow similar principles in our business practices. Our core values are agility, transparency, creativity, trust and resilience. We believe in the importance of active participation in society and encourage our employees to vote for the candidate of their choice.

Why Europe is particularly important to us

Voting in the European elections – but also every other vote – is the most important means of participation in our democracy. With this vote, you actively shape the major political directions of the next legislative period. In this blog post, we have summarized why this is particularly important for us.

Actively tackling global challenges

The European Parliament plays a crucial role in tackling global issues such as climate change, international trade and security. Above all, however, it also represents internal trade, freedom of movement and borderless travel within the EU. These privileges must be maintained and further developed.

Promotion of digitalization and digital participation

The European Parliament has a budget of around 180 billion euros. In the common budget, many large programs are set up to strengthen European relations, increase competitiveness in terms of innovation and technology, but also to promote the internal market and maintain border security.

There are numerous programs within the EU that also help companies to learn from other nations or to transfer know-how. As a company that now has four EU locations, it is particularly important to us to promote digitalization and thus the competitiveness of our customers. We are happy to help you find the appropriate funding to benefit from this support.

Community creates trust

In times of crisis like these, it is all the more important that people are not strangers to each other but create spaces to be there for each other. That is why we support the European idea and the pan-European exchange of our colleagues. We work side by side every day – regardless of our colleagues’ origin or language – and we firmly believe that communication helps to create mutual understanding and friendships. To strengthen these friendships, we enable alternating colleagues to visit each other’s offices.

We are delighted to be able to put together the best teams of software developers and solution architects for our customers, who complement each other not only professionally but also personally. The pioneering spirit of digitization from Estonia and Lithuania can be felt and sensed in all our projects. The Estonians are once again digital pioneers in the EU elections – because voting there has long been 100% digital.

Digital elections in Estonia

In 2005, Estonia was the first country in which citizens were able to vote completely online in elections. In addition to Estonia, France, parts of Portugal, Belgium and Ireland will also vote digitally in elections in 2024. You can read about it here. However, the Estonian electoral information system is one of the few that supports many different types of elections, including elections to parliament, local government and the European Parliament. What is exciting is that Estonia is also currently developing a mobile app that is specially designed for the younger population so that more voter participation can be achieved there too. The so called m-voting shall take place around the year 2027.

Physical and digital: We celebrate the cohesion between the Baltic States and D-A-CH at birkle IT AG.

birkle IT AG: Bestshoring since 2017

We have been operating our nearshore location in Estonia’s capital Tallinn since May 2017. Today, our nearshore team is an important part of our concept. With Bestshoring, we are able to meet the growing demand for unique talent, quality and competitive prices. This is because the specialists from the Baltic States are highly trained, motivated and live the digital spirit on a daily basis, which we often still lack a little in the D-A-CH region.

Although Estonia is a comparatively small country, it is one of the most digitally advanced and innovative countries in Europe and the world. It offers a high density of start-ups and a large pool of highly qualified IT experts who deliver excellent project.

Benefit from these advantages in a software or digitalization project with birkle IT!

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