Celebrating Diversity Day: Embracing and Empowering Differences at birkle IT

On this years diversity day, taking place at 21st of May 2024, we celebrate the rich range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that make our workplace vibrant and innovative at birkle IT. Diversity is more than just a principle we uphold; it’s a cornerstone of our success and a reflection of our commitment to inclusivity. Today, we take a moment to highlight the key areas of diversity and why they are essential for building a more inclusive and dynamic organization.

The Values we strive for

Inclusiveness and diversity, along with freedom and honesty are integral part of birkle IT core values: 

  • Resilience: Are you diverse and resourceful enough to thrive in various environments? For us, resilience means progress, inclusiveness, and sustainability. 
  • Trust: Are you a supportive and empathetic team player? For us, trust means diversity, respect, and safety. 
  • Transparency: Do you feel empowered to make decisions and share your individuality? For us, transparency means honesty, openness, and ownership. 
  • Agility: Are you ready to sprint fast and change direction if needed? For us, agility means adaptability, collaboration, and innovation. 
  • Creativity: Are you willing to seek solutions and share your ideas? For us, creativity means freedom, curiosity, and variety. 

Inclusive language is a powerful tool for fostering a sense of belonging. By using language that respects and acknowledges all individuals, we can create a more welcoming environment. Our philosophy of recruiting and retaining employees is encapsulated in the hashtag #ThisIsYourTime—to be exactly who you are. This simple yet impactful approach demonstrates our commitment to diversity. 

Embracing Diversity: Inclusive Practices at birkle IT

When people from diverse backgrounds collaborate, they bring different perspectives and ideas, leading to creative solutions and better decision-making. By fostering a diverse team, we can enhance our innovative capabilities and stay ahead in a competitive market. 

Bias, whether conscious or unconscious, can hinder diversity and inclusion efforts. Implementing training programs and fostering an open culture can help break down these biases, ensuring all employees are judged based on their abilities and contributions. 

How we foster diversity via workplace measures:

  • Part-time work for parents who are returning from maternity or paternity leave. We ease them in and give them the opportunity to still enjoy being part of their child(rens) life. Flexibility of place of work and hours help to organize life if there are care-taking needs of relatives, etc. Coming back part time in the same position and being able to develop for the next career level with part time commitment is no problem. 
  • Gender equality – being an IT company means that we have more men than women. We are aware of it and work on solutions to diversify. We are restarting an initiative for female colleagues. It is an opportunity for women in all levels and countries to come together every couple of months to virtually talk about topics that matter and brainstorm solutions together. 
  • Our workforce spans different generations, each bringing unique strengths and perspective. We recruit based on skill-level needs for our clients’ projects, not the age.  
  • As the place of work and hours are flexible at birkle we can combine work and disability-related needs, if needed. Passion and experience know no difference. 
  • Supporting our LGBTIQ+ colleagues is crucial for fostering a workplace where everyone feels safe and valued. Promoting policies that protect against discrimination and encourage inclusivity helps create an environment where all individuals can express their true selves without fear. During our annual survey we always separately ask if our employees feel physically safe and if different groups (regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, etc.) are treated fairly. We are proud and happy to share that these numbers have been the very highly rate. 
  • By promoting mental health awareness and providing resources for support, we can help our employees manage stress, improve their productivity, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The healthcare providers in our offices have special programs and allowance for taking care of one’s mental health (additionally to physical health options). 
  • Celebrating our diverse backgrounds and promoting cross-cultural understanding helps us build stronger, more cohesive teams. It also enhances our ability to connect with our diverse international clients. For example, we have colleagues from 26 different countries. 
  • Neurodiverse individuals bring unique strengths and perspectives that can drive innovation. By creating an inclusive environment that accommodates different ways of thinking, we can unlock the full potential of our colleagues. 
  • Ensuring a fair recruitment process and equitable career development opportunities is important to us. We stay true to the statement on our career page: “birkle IT is committed to building an inclusive, equitable, and diverse organization. We embrace equal opportunity for all applicants and seek to foster a culture of belonging for our employees. birkle IT welcomes qualified applicants of any race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, age, marital or family status, disability, and any other status or background.” 

Our Commitment to Diversity 

As we celebrate Diversity Day, we at birkle IT reaffirm our commitment to embracing and empowering the diverse talents within our organization. By recognizing the value of our differences and working together to create an inclusive environment, we can build a stronger, more resilient, and more compassionate workplace. Diversity is definitely our strength, and together, we can achieve great things. 

#ThisIsYourTime #EUDiversityMonth #diversity 

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