birkle IT as d.velop partner

d.velop d.3 is the software for document management, enterprise content management, digital business process, and archiving by more than 11 900 customers. With its technical expertise, birkle IT AG is the ideal partner for planning projects based on standard software. Experienced development teams design, customize and implement specific requirements according to clients’ needs.

why d.velop?

We specialize in a variety of industries offering many years of experience with insurance, healthcare, industry, and commerce through its network. Using and optimizing d.velop’s standard software according to clients’ needs is what we stand for.

Since the establishment, we have analyzed the market together with clients and developed multiple individual solutions. Therefore, in the field of the document and enterprise content management, we rely on a proven set of standards that are used in various forms by more than 11 900 customers. The standard is “half rent” – for the refinement with the optimal efficiency, we can offer extensive individualization options. Achieving the best of the d.velop solution is successful if the client’s business processes are understood, optimized, and implemented.

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d.velop offers a system certified by the business process and procedure documentation. And it is the efficiency from the employee app to the fully equipped document workstation that demonstrably brings the “Total Benefit” overall. And it is precisely the “Total Benefit of Ownership (TBO)” that is the focus of our work.


Both in the cloud and on-premises, birkle projects are realized with d.velop. In doing so, the individual needs for system integration are served with the corresponding interface and integration competence.


Due to our international orientation, our support team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Germany and throughout Europe.


As a full-service provider we support you completely in the introduction and operation of d.velop in your company. It does not matter whether you want to start quickly or want to map complex business processes. We will find the right project approach for your requirements.

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Custom implementation

We can implement d.velop according to the individual needs of your company.

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Digitalized business

Digital business processes help to create and enhance your workflows to support the needs of your business.

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Logical structure

Digital folders structure is set according to your business needs .


Audit-compliant archiving

d.velop’s document management software lays all the groundwork for audit-compliant storage. 

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A new level of collaboration

Using d.velop you can reach a new level of collaboration. People can edit and comment on-site and share information securely with external parties if needed.


Professional assistance

Our experienced support team is here for you around the clock.

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Companies of all sizes can benefit from d.velops’ innovative and user-friendly solutions.
If you want to digitalize your business to increase transparency and optimize work processes, d.velop might be the answer

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