Credit: Rasmus Jurkatam

IT offshoring has been a common trend for the DACH and Scandinavian companies for years. Yet, the growing demand for the quality of IT services and the speed of development has led companies to look for even better solutions.

So how does one find the talent, resources, and cost structure that will enable companies to stay competitive in the current economy? The answer is bestshoring.

Why did birkle IT choose bestshoring from Estonia and why should you?

Although Estonia is a comparatively small country, it is one of the most digitally advanced and innovative countries in Europe and the world. It offers a high startup density and a large pool of highly qualified IT experts in high demand due to their experience and Scandinavian work mentality.

For us, additional decisive factors for choosing Estonia were the proximity to our client base, the recognized educational institutions, a talented workforce, as well as a similar cultural background.

We have been operating our nearshore location in Estonia’s capital Tallinn starting from May 2017. Today, our nearshore team is a vital part of our concept. With bestshoring, we have been able to meet the growing demand for unique talent, quality, and competitive pricing.

bestshore from estonia

How does bestshoring work and what bestshoring strategy is birkle IT pursuing?

Bestshoring is a level up from the traditional outsourcing model. We provide our clients with a tailored mix of local onshore experts (business analysts, project managers, senior developers, etc.) who work as the key enabler between the client’s needs and our development teams in Tallinn. This combination offers the best of both worlds to our clients from the DACH region and Scandinavia.

To enhance client-oriented development even further, we are offering different bestshoring sets depending on the needs and opportunities of our clients.

We help the client understand which model suits their company’s needs and draft the plan that will meet their expectations.

Choose a development team based on your needs

Bestshoring is a level up from the traditional outsourcing model.

We provide our clients with a tailored mix of local onshore experts who work as the key enabler between the client’s needs and our nearshore development teams in Tallinn. 

Expert team

Expert teams consist of Senior Business Analysts, IT Architects, and Developers with strong industry-specific know-how who can deliver comprehensive digitalization with high added value for clients.

Hybrid team

Hybrid teams with strong expertise in Business Analysis and Software Development help our clients to holistically digitalize their business.

Nearshore team

Nearshore teams are highly flexible and scalable. These teams primarily support our client’s IT departments with their daily IT tasks.

The mentality of birkle IT and the teams

We stand for a blend of innovation and a down-to-earth work mentality, delivering the finest quality with excellence in implementation.

We aim to modernize companies, their systems, and management through project business and AI-based software development, combined with specific industry expertise from Germany and Estonia, thus creating measurable added value for our clients.

In addition, diversity and equality compliance is one of the most important tasks in birkle IT. Our goal is to continuously promote diversity and equal opportunities among our customers, partners, employees, and candidates through close cooperation between our locations in Germany and Estonia.

For this reason, we employ people from different parts of the world, different ages and genders. Everyone has the same opportunities at birkle IT regardless of age, nationality, or gender.

With our version of bestshoring, mixing countries, nations and cultures, we believe we can provide invaluable assets to our clients to really help them digitalize and expand their services and innovate their businesses to a whole new level.

If you are thinking about increasing your competitiveness on the market, bring some of the processes up to speed, or digitalizing your services – let us help you.