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Insurance / Finance

Birkle IT consults and supports businesses from the finance and insurance branch on topics and trends in the IT environment. With aid of an integrated understanding of the business process our IT specialists will find the IT solution that fits your needs just right. No matter if we are talking about stretching international sales for global market leaders, replacing old/legacy systems or creating individual solutions on the basis of artificial intelligence, birkle IT is an experienced partner, which supports you all the way from analysis until rollout.

Exempt from our customer projects:

We are developing an operable legacy system for a large insurance company which includes partner management, management of insurance products, tariffs and policies, as well as claims management.

Consulting project on AI in network security: neuronal networks can learn the typical user behavior on a basis of log files, so that untypical behavior (for example caused by malware) can be classified.

With the aid of AI algorithms, it is possible to read out and extract relevant information from different types of data, such as emails, invoices or forms, and review this information for plausibility. Existing data records are automatically assigned.

Our service portfolio

  • IT – Consulting
  • Digitalization and automatization of business processes of insurances
  • Software development
  •  Individualized web portals for B2B and B2C – solutions
  • International distribution portals
  • Replacement of old/legacy systems, for management of customer data, products, tariffs, policies and claims
  • Digital expert reports
  • Executive workshops and company training courses
  • Reinforcement Learning invoice system, fraud detection
  • Data Warehouse, for data management from various sources
  • Input management through artificial intelligence, to read out documents
  • Data Cleansing / -integration / -migration
  • IT security / penetration tests
  • VIN-Decoding
  • Tariffmaster, for a unified generation of tariffs
  • High Performance Computing

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