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About us

Our philosophy:

Birkle IT AG digitalizes and shapes businesses. We are always on the state of the art, innovatively as well as functionally. We recognize problems and also dare to enter new terrain, in order to solve them. A big area at birkle IT AG is artificial intelligence. Numerous of our projects are AI-based. We put our blood sweat and tears into our work and have a passion for what we do. We connect this with more performance for long time success and efficient operation. We think digitally.


We highly take care of security and confidentiality of our customers data and projects.


We have a group of IT professionals with essential skill set and a high IT education.


We create transparency through a close contact and a proper communication framework.


We identify expectations and goals and provide tailored IT solutions for our customers.


We ensure high quality services based on a comprehensive quality assurance compliance.


An experienced team of IT professionals with in-depth consulting expertise in various industries.